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Jul 09, 2020 How to add a device to Google Play - Quora Take a device you want to add to Google Play. Open the settings menu. Scroll to the "Accounts" section and click "Add". How to download and set up Google Play on your iPhone Install Google Play Movies & TV from the App Store to watch video content from Google Play on your iPhone. Install Google Play Music to listen to music on your iPhone. How to change your Google Play account on any device Google Play allows you to purchase movies, books, and TV shows — and at some point, you may want to add another Google Play account and switch back and forth between them.. You can add another

Jan 25, 2014

How to Add Multiple Users to Your Google Home Device Mar 13, 2020 How to remove a phone from the Google Play Store - TechLector Open the Google Play Store in the web browser and click on the gear icon in the upper right part of the screen and click on the sub-menu called Settings. 2. You will see the My Devices page where the device activity is recorded on Google Play. You will see all the devices with which you have accessed Google Play and some details on the right of

Oct 21, 2016

CHECK in the box next to the Device / Devices that needs to be shown in Find my device and Google play devices / services,Next, Swipe the screen from right to left (in Mobile phone), Tap on " edit"