can't ping a windows 10 pc if connected via wifi

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Apr 05, 2013

The thing is I cannot ping my modem IP from the internet much less try to establish a connection with my computer. Can my ISP be preventing this? Is there a way to get around this. New Windows Server 2016 Machine can't ping or be pinged However, when I try to ping the router from the new server ( it responds. It also responds if I ping Have tried switching off the Windows Firewall on the local network - to no avail. Can anyone suggest why my server can ping the router, but cannot ping, or be pinged, by any hosts on the same LAN subnet? Thanks in

However that's not the case. E.G: PC can ping his gw: and can ping Why it cannot ping ??? As router has both subnets as direct PC should be able also to ping at least he can ping, so why not .129?? Same situation on other side for other PC.

[SOLVED] Cannot ping network printer - Spiceworks Feb 12, 2018 Cannot ping static IP's or router | AT&T Community Forums Jun 02, 2016 Solved: Can't ping router - Verizon Fios Community I've got an actiontec GT784WNV router-modem. It's been working well for a long time, and still seems OK: The lights indicate correctly, and I can access websites with no trouble. However, when I try to rouse I get timeouts on http or ping or tracert. My network settings are set to auto-d