Geek to Live: How to access a home server behind a router

How to Setup Port Forwarding in your router for the Phone Apr 06, 2011 PORT FORWARDING without access to router. Dec 15, 2012 Solved: Port Forwarding on Velop - Linksys Community Have you tried to forward the ports using the singe port forwaring? If not, please do so and check if that'll make any difference. If it will not work, let's try to isolate the Cisco router, and have the Velop system connected directly from the modem. Without the Cisco router, try to forward the ports again. Port Forwarding : HomeNetworking

Dec 14, 2019

How can I port forward with a dynamic IP? - Linksys Community

Nov 06, 2019

So from what I understand, you have a web server running where things needs to be forwarded, and a router port which you don't have any access to; and you want to connect this two. I highly doubt there is way to do this, if only you had sudo access to your router, you can use iptables to redirect Port Forwarding from Public Static IP: How? | AT&T Nov 23, 2017