Aug 08, 2016

Cisco ASA 5510 Site to Site VPN with Sonicwall Cisco ASA 5510 Site to Site VPN with Sonicwall Julio, Thank you for the reply. I am completely at a loss here too but have found something interesting. On the Sonicwall I saw the counters show a bunch of packets sent and nothing recieved so I logged into ASDM and viewed the VPN tunnel properties and it shows the same a bunch of packets but 0 sent. SonicWALL SSL VPN 2.5 User's Guide SonicWALL SSL VPN 2.5 User Guide 5 Using This Guide About this Guide Welcome to the SonicWALL SSL-VPN User’s Guide. This manual is a user's guide. It provides information on using the SonicWALL SSL-VPN user portal called Virtual Office that allows you to create bookmarks and run services over the SonicWALL SSL-VPN security appliance. Firepower Management Center Configuration Guide - Cisco Apr 16, 2020

Jul 20, 2008

VPN TROUBLESHOOTING Site-to-Site VPN Troubleshooting on SonicWALL Security Appliances . 2 SonicOS Standard (only if ‘Apply NAT and Firewall Rules’ is enabled) -- Log into the SonicWALL’s Management GUI. Go to the ‘Firewall > Access Rules’ page. For … Site-to-Site VPN Troubleshooting - Cisco Meraki Troubleshooting. If there appears to be an issue with VPN, start by referencing the Security & SD-WAN > Monitor > VPN status page to check the health of the appliance's connection to the VPN registry and the other peers.If one specific tunnel is having issues, it may be helpful to check the status page for the networks of each peer in case one of them is offline or disconnected from the registry:

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site to site vpn troubleshooting on sonicwall security