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The wonder of IPv6 lies in its header. An IPv6 address is 4 times larger than IPv4, but surprisingly, the header of an IPv6 address is only 2 times larger than that of IPv4. IPv6 headers have one Fixed Header and zero or more Optional (Extension) Headers. All the necessary information that is essential for a router is kept in the Fixed Header.

Because the free pool of IPv4 addresses has been depleted, customers will want to request IPv6 address space for new networks, and eventually transition their networks from IPv4 to IPv6. For a more complete understanding of IPv6, the video below provides a walkthrough of many of the finer details of IPv6. IPv6 address format - study-ccna.com Unlike IPv4, which uses a dotted-decimal format with each byte ranges from 0 to 255, IPv6 uses eight groups of four hexadecimal digits separated by colons. For example, this is a valid IPv6 address: 2340:0023:AABA:0A01:0055:5054:9ABC:ABB0

Where are top Internet service providers with IPv6?

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