The Mac firewall has long been based on IPFW, a robust and strong software firewall that comes form the unix world. But managing IPFW usually requires digging around in the command line, so as I was recently looking around for a Mac OS X GUI to IPFW, I came across WaterRoof.

In Mac OS X, how do I enable or disable the firewall? Jan 18, 2018 Quick and Easy pf (packet filter) Firewall Rules on macOS Quick and Easy pf (packet filter) Firewall Rules on macOS 2018-11-03 I encountered a scenario recently where I needed to quickly restrict access to specific subnets and specific ports on a Mac Mini “server” running macOS High Sierra (also tested successfully on Mojave and Catalina). Objective-See: LuLu

Disable Mac OSX Firewall from Command Line. mac osx firewall. So.. you turned on the firewall on your remote Mac, and now you've locked yourself out of Screen Sharing

Mar 12, 2010 macos - Firewall for outgoing connections - Ask Different What you are referring to as "the built-in" firewall is actually the built-in Application Firewall. There two other built-in firewalls in OS X Lion, pf and ipfw (the latter is being replaced by pf, but still exist in Mountain Lion). These can handle both incoming and outgoing connections and are typically controlled through command line scripts

Jan 18, 2018

Block all incoming connections. Selecting the option to "Block all incoming connections" prevents …