Jan 14, 2020

The “Hotspot Shield VPN stopped working” issue could be caused by an antivirus/firewall configuration, designed to block untrusted apps (from third party sources). In this case, all you need to do, to get your Hotspot Shield up and running, is to change the firewall configuration and set Hotspot Shield as a … Is Hotspot Shield Not Working Because Something Went Wrong Nov 29, 2019 Hot Spot Shield Elite has stopped working, error appears Hotspot Shield have many issues in Window platform. · If you have more then one proxy server in window then the Hotspot Shield will not be working of your window platform. If you run proxy website then check one proxy server is running in you your machine. · May be proxy server will be block for your country.

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Mar 09, 2020

Fix Hotspot Shield Something Went Wrong Error in Windows

Jul 06, 2020 [Solved] Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working/Connecting Problem Always be sure that your antivirus is allowing hotspot shield to access internet. These are some of the most common reasons which you can check before going to the below mentioned tip to solve hotspot shield not working problem. How To Fix Hotspot Shield Not Working Problem This is a simple tip which you can use in order to run your HSS properly. If Personal Hotspot is not working on your iPhone or iPad Mar 23, 2020 Hotspot Shield Stopped Working In Uae 😈AVGSecureVPNPros+