May 03, 2017

Check out Celotex Insulation PL3050 Thermal Laminate 50mm + 12.5mm 2400mm x 1200mm online now. Visit or call your local branch today to order at great trade … Buy 37.5mm Celotex PL4025 PIR Insulated Plasterboard - 1 Celotex 37.5mm PL4025 Insulated PIR Plasterboard is a High Performance PIR Thermal Laminate. Thermally Insulated using a 25mm Celotex type Insulation board Polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid insulation Foam Board, Pre Factory Laminated to a 12.5mm Gypsum Wallboard creating 37.5x1200x2400mm (2.88 M²) The PIR Insulation has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential … Celotex PL4000 - Adobe The insulation shall be Celotex PL4000 _____mm thick comprising a polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation core with a thermal conductivity of 0.022 W/mK with aluminium foil/kraft paper facings on both sides bonded to a layer of tapered edge plasterboard. Rockwool or celotex | Screwfix Community Forum Jun 11, 2020

fixing 62.5 mm PIR insulated plasterboard to ceiling

CELOTEX pl4000 THERMAL LAMINATE37.5MM OVERALL.2400 X 1200. 12.5MM PLASTERBOARD BONDED TO 25MM CELOTEX 2400 X 1200 X 10 SHEETS --. SCOTLAND- IV,KW,AB,PH,PA. Jun 11, 2020 · If you do stick with it, then go for 2x40mm - remember 4x2 is under 100mm - normally 95 or so and Celotex will not compress. Cutting accuracy is then not as vital, go for 3-5 mm under width and use small wedges to force the first layer to the left then the second to the right.

Celotex PL4000 is suitable for both direct bond and mechanically fixed dry-lining applications in both new build and refurbishment projects. 77.5 mm thick, R

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