SonicWALL SSL-VPN NetExtender (free version) download for PC

How to configure an L2TP/IPsec server behind a NAT-T May 01, 2019 [SOLVED] Sonicwall VPN SA - Spiceworks Jun 26, 2017 SonicWALL SSL-VPN NetExtender (free version) download for PC

Believe it or not, reinstalling SonicWALL Global VPN Client may do the trick. If you still keep the original disk or the download file of SonicWALL Global VPN Client, you can try that to repair the program. After repairing the program, you can try to uninstall it again. Method 3: Uninstall SonicWALL Global VPN Client via Command Prompt. 1.

Epicor ASP VPN Clients Sonicwall Global VPN Clientfor 32-bit Windows OS (Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10)Click Here Sonicwall Global VPN Clientfor 64-bit Windows OS (Windows XP/Vista/7/8.x/10)Click Here Step 1:Download the VPN Client Software by right clicking and choosing 'Save Target As'. Make a note of the folder in which you save the client software. Windows Vista Ultimate and SonicWall VPN Client Dec 26, 2008

This computer had the Sonicwall (SW) Global Client installed and was connecting fine using the VPN. We since upgraded the SW Hardware and now are using the SSL-VPN. I was able to connect successfully using the SSL-VPN (NetExtender) then I uninstalled the old SW Global Client Software.

[SOLVED] Sonicwall VPN SA - Spiceworks