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How to Change Wireless Settings of the Extended Networks Please write down the new SSID for future use. To hide the SSID of the extended network: 1) Go to Settings > Wireless > Extended Network. 2) Select Hide SSID broadcast, and the corresponding SSID will not display when you scan for local wireless networks on your wireless device and you have to manually join the network. 3) Click Save. How to Disable SSID Broadcast on Your Wireless Router The SSID is actually the name of the wireless network, which by default is usually the name of the networking company, such as Netgear, Linksys, or D-Link. By turning off the broadcast, the name of the network will not show up on the Windows or Mac list of available networks. Though it seems this method can provide extra security, it actually How to hide the SSID of your D-Link router, make it

Linksys Velop login options. If you've used a Linksys "Smart Wi-Fi" router, you'll be familiar with the way the Velop app is organized. When you first log into the Linksys App, you land at the Dashboard, which gives you a quick snapshot of your system. The screenshot below shows Velop connected to the Internet with two active devices connected.

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How to Disable SSID Broadcast on Your Wireless Router

The SSID is sharing both 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ, and the devices seemed to be able to pick the 5GHZ channel before, but now all of a sudden every single device will only connect to 2.4GHZ (which is less stable and ~2-5x slower). After a few manual restarts of the router then they might "magically" go back to 5GHZ.