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Devil-Linux is a distribution which boots and runs completely from CDROM. The configuration can be saved to a floppy diskette or a USB pen drive. Devil Linux was originally intended to be a dedicated firewall/router but now Devil-Linux can also be used as a server for many applications. GitHub - kodedevil/Linux: Linux code repository Linux code repository. Contribute to kodedevil/Linux development by creating an account on GitHub. BSD Daemon - Wikipedia Overview. The BSD Daemon is named after software daemons, a class of long-running computer programs in Unix-like operating systems, which through a play on words takes the cartoon shape of a demon.The BSD Daemon's nickname Beastie is a slurred phonetic pronunciation of BSD.Beastie customarily carries a trident to symbolize a software daemon's forking of processes. Devil-Linux 1.04 RC6 | Linux

Devil-Linux is a special Linux distribution, which is used for Firewalls / Routers. The goal of Devil-Linux is to have a small, customizable and…

Oct 25, 2018 A Dedicated Firewall/Router: Devil-Linux | Linux Journal

Devil-Linuxは、ファイアウォール、ルータ、サーバー用を指向するLinuxディストリビューションの一つである。. そもそもは

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